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OurKids - WHAT WE DO

We arrange for individuals to SUPPORT CHILDREN. We also RAISE FUNDS and CREATE A DIFFERENCE by constructing educational institutions and health care facilities.
Armenia Lebanon Iraq Nepal

Registered in the Principality of Monaco and launched in the United Arab Emirates in 2010, OurKids is a non profit organisation which supports the education of children in war-torn areas. OurKids also provides financial and humanitarian assistance where natural disasters have occurred or where there is a pressing need for educational support. OurKids is currently helping children in Armenia, Iraq, Lebanon and Nepal.

One such area is southern Iraq. The recently constructed UNAOIL - FAW Region OurKids school in Iraq provides a modern, safe, and clean educational environment for over 1,200 young boys and girls. Spanning 1,200 square meters on two levels, the school is located on 5,000 square meters of land. There are 12 classrooms, 5 offices, a computer lab, a meeting room, 2 storage rooms, 3 restroom areas for students, and one for staff. The school opened on October 20, 2014 and is bustling with teachers working through 3 shifts to provide much-appreciated mentorship and guidance for the children of the local community.