Founded in 2010 in the Principality of Monaco. UnaKids is a non-profit humanitarian organization that works to create a lasting positive impact on the lives of single-parent families and refugees from war torn countries.

Our mission is to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of single-parent families in war-torn areas. Our ultimate goal is to provide the families we support with long-term education, training and health care so that the next generation may grow up to be self-sufficient, caring adults that can help rebuild their respective communities. In other countries, we seek to partner with established institutions to ensure that our activities have the maximum local impact possible.

Over these last decades our vision at UnaKids has been to use education to improve and empower lives while promoting peace and stability in regions which have been affected by violence and massive social disruption. With this aim our organization focuses on sponsoring individual single-parent children’s education, constructing educational facilities as well as health care centers, and providing access to potable drinking water.

Founded and registered in the Principality of Monaco; Associazione UnaKids ONLUS is also registered in the European Union (Rome, Italy).

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