UnaKids provided over 112 single-parent children in Basra, Iraq with a full time education through to university or technical apprenticeship level.

It also constructed a school facility (over 1,200 square meters on two levels) located on 5,000 square meters of land for over 1,200 boys and girls in the southern region of Fao. There are 12 classrooms, 5 offices, a computer lab, a meeting room, 2 storage facilities, 3 restroom areas for students and 1 for staff.

The school opened in 2014 and the teachers work 3 shifts in order to provide much appreciated guidance for the children of the local community.

In Iraq 22% of the adult population has never attended school, 39% of the rural population is illiterate. 47% of the female population is either semi or completely illiterate. The United Nations estimates that over 3,500 new schools are desperately needed.

UnaKids in Yerevan, Armenia sponsored a clinic while sustaining the education and well being of 23 individual single parent students. This country has never fully recovered from the disastrous earthquake which left more than a half million survivors homeless and/or orphaned over 20 years ago.

Even now, in 2021, the country is reeling from the border war with Azerbaijan.

Nearly 30% of the entire child population in Armenia is categorized as poor or extremely poor with many children psychologically impaired and unable to make decisions, manage priorities or solve day to day problems.

A medical/psychosocial clinic established in 2016 provides medical and psychological treatment on a regular basis to 23 UnaKids students and 9 parents. The clinic also provides medical consultations and counseling support to refugees, the disabled and the unemployed.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that the growing refugee exodus from Syria into Lebanon exceeded their estimates by a factor of 10 times. Over 50% of these refugees are under 17 years of age.

The basic necessities of food and potable water are lacking, not to mention the psychological scars that must be addressed and eventually healed.

In 2020, UnaKids joined forces with The WATERSHED NGO, HUMACOO ONLUS Foundation and the Swiss company SEAS SA with the aim of resolving the lack of potable water in refugee camps.

In 2015, UnaKids joined forces with Mission Enfance NGO and sponsored education and basic nourishment for Lebanese and Syrian refugee single parent families in Lebanon.

In July 2015, the Nepalese Honorary Consul in Monaco contacted UnaKids for aid and assistance after 2 major earthquakes in Nepal.
Our UnaKids’ Goodwill Ambassador went immediately to Kathmandu and surveyed the devastated sites.

In the aftermath, UnaKids committed to sponsoring the education for 35 single parent children in the Kathmandu region as well as funding the operating costs of the Lumbini kindergarten which educates 58 children in the village of Pyangaon.

In 2017, collaborating with Monaco NGO The WATERSHED, UnaKids facilitated the donation of a SEAS "water from air" machine for the Monaco Red Cross Pavillon in Burkina Faso. This machine offers superior solutions to water problems in environmentally challenged areas of our planet in an efficient, green, and sustainable way. It is an integrated water making machine producing drinking and distilled water while providing by-products such as thermal energy which is reused for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and dehumidification purposes.

UnaKids' Watershed installation in the Loumbila, Burkina Faso Monaco Croix Rouge Pavillon became operational in October 2018. The Watershed is a worldwide humanitarian venture customised for each specific geographical and economical need and provides for much larger international humanitarian organisations a multitude of solutions for all water scarcity problems. Collaborating with the Swiss company SEAS SA, UnaKids and its partner NGOs have devised a sustainable project that aspires to give migrant and refugee camps (along with 49 African countries) access to safe drinking water.

Associazione UnaKids ONLUS and HUMACOO Foundation ONLUS working with the promoting committee composed of the Heads of Embassies accredited to the HOLY SEE (Dicastery For Promoting Integral Human Development ) are keen and able to intervene in 49 African countries.

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