Board of Governors

Ata Ahsani
Co-founder and President

Before his retirement, Mr. Ahsani founded and ran a multi national industrial contracting and maintenance business.     

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, and a Master of Science Degree from the University of Colorado U.S.A.

He is a registered professional engineer, a member of the scientific fraternities Tau Bêta Pi and Chi Epsilon and is the President of UnaKids.

In his words: “We are blessed with only one world and many in this world are far less fortunate than we are. Let us work together to preserve and improve in our own small way, the lives of those less fortunate and let me thank you for your time, support, and generosity.”

Lida Ahsani
Co-founder and Vice President

Mrs. Ahsani co-founded UnaKids in 2010 because of her desire to contribute to a cause which is close to her heart – child welfare and education – and where she could ensure that the maximum impact was being made with the minimum level of bureaucracy.

Working day-to-day with the team, she serves as the organisation’s Vice President.

Martijn Goudkamp
Director of IT Technology

Martijn Goudkamp, born in The Netherlands, has been in IT since the late '80s and worked for companies such as KLM, Sony Music, Columbia Records, Epic, Sonotech, Sun Microsystems.

After moving to Italy in 2002, he continued his work in IT for H3G, CAP and became the IT Manager for various companies in Genoa, Monaco and Dubai.

Nowadays he is the owner of the company ZenaConsult and continues to provide bespoke IT assistance, consultancy and IT concierge services.

He has been connected to UnaKids for many years and is in close contact with all the members of the board.

Baroness Angela Van Wright Von Berger
Secretary General

Angela Van Wright Von Berger currently resides in Rome, The United Arab Emirates and the Principality of Monaco and has been active in global humanitarian goodwill activities since 1994.

She currently serves as the global goodwill ambassador for the Prince Albert ll Recreation Centre ( PARC Adventures Monaco), UNAKIDS , Humacoo Foundation Onlus ONG, The Watershed and has served on several boards and as a founding member of: The Friends of Louis Frosio, The Friends of the Opera Enchanted Flute Circle, Outward Bound Monaco, Tsunami Relief 2005 Monaco – Asia, Les Volutes Ladies Cigar Club, The Ladies Lunch Association, The Friends of the New National Museum of Monaco, Mission Enfance as well as Monaco Aide and Presence, IEFTA (International Ethiopian Emerging Film Talents), Monaco HUMANITAIRE 2008, CREM (Club Resident Etrangers Monaco), Arty Ecology, and Eco Art International.

Among her other activities, she served from 1999-2002 as President of the FriendSHIP Association for the University of Monaco and published 3 editions of the celebrity cookbook IN THE KITCHEN WITH STARS as well as MONTE CARLO RHAPSODY (50 years of Music by Maestro Louis Frosio) for the friends of Louis Frosio along with a CD compilation of his music and in 2014 she began serving UnaKids.

Saman Ahsani

Saman’s day-to-day involvement with UnaKids focuses on managing our financial health to ensure the long-term support of our children and charitable projects. In addition to his experience fund- raising for cultural and Christian faith-based educational institutions over the past decade, in particular as a Regent of St Benet’s Hall at Oxford University,
Saman actively promotes UnaKids’ activities to a broader audience in Europe and the United States.

After graduating from Oxford University in Classics, Saman worked at Goldman Sachs International as an investment banker. This financial training helped ground his work as an early stage venture capitalist as well as to earn his MBA from Insead.

Saman later joined his family industrial business, helping to shepherd its growth to over 500 full-time employees with distinct HR and CSR programs in several countries.

Saman and his family have been committed to UnaKids and its ideals since it was founded by his parents over ten years ago.

Carlo Maria Tieri Rossini Esquire
General Director for HUMACOO
President UNAKIDS ONLUS Rome

After receiving his degree in jurisprudence at Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome, Carlo Maria Tieri worked in the 3rd section of the Vatican State secretariat and acted as diplomatic attache for the Apostolic Nunciature in Namibia, Georgia, and Geneva at the United Nations.

He founded and is the General Director of Humacoo Foundation which in collaboration with the Swiss company SEAS SA has devised a 2021/2022 sustainable project that aspires to facilitate Installations of “Watersheds” in camps for migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers, and the war torn internally displaced along with 49 African countries guaranteeing access to “safe drinking water”.

This arduous task of setting up, maintaining, and supplying potable water from “Watersheds” is made less arduous because Humacoo Foundation is working in partnership with the Holy See through their 49 missions/embassies in Africa and with the worldwide “Department for Human and Integral Development" of the "Santa Sede”.

Sharon Campbell Waters, PhD, MFA
Innovative Grant Concepts, Inc.

Within a seasoned career that has spanned over 50 years of leadership in organizations with expertise in human capital and economic development, Dr. Sharon Campbell Waters has transformed a legacy as a creative communicator with a demonstrated ability to manage, lead, and execute successful revenue-generating strategies to garner over $50 million in grant funding to Federal agencies, NGOs, state and local government Agencies, and the non-profit and social enterprise development sectors.

Beginning in 1969 with Waters’ first summer job as a geocodist at David L. Hackett and Associates, an economic development consultancy in Washington, D.C. through today, as the President and CEO of Innovative Grant Concepts, Inc., a business development consultancy headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, with offices in Denver, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC., Dr. Waters has extensive DOD, NASA, and higher education leadership and program evaluation expertise with a demonstrated ability to manage, lead, and execute successful revenue-generating strategies.

Her professional grant writing and business development skills have reflected an evidence-based difference in marketing, business and social enterprise, science, engineering, and the arts in 21st Century America and the International marketplace.

Dianne S. Dickert

After receiving a BS in Chemistry with a Math minor from Hampton University in 1972 (this experience included a summer internship at Langley Field Air Force Base working on a confidential space related project) Dianne Dickert’s journey started as an analytical chemist for Parke Davis, Ford Motor Company & HC&P. With comprehensive experience in chemical, analytical, technical sales and while exhibiting strong organizational and communication skills, Ms Dickert spent 39 years with 3M where her accomplishments were recognized by two leading divisions: 3M Performance Materials Division and most recently as a Key Accounts Manager with 3M Healthcare.

She was the first Account Executive within the 3M Performance Materials Division where her sector business plan was adopted as a division standard and where her management approach to the HDD Sector chronologized from a start-up to a multi national product adaption that within 18 months generated continuing sales of $15 million. During her time with 3M Healthcare she performed as a Key Account Manager and an account liaison between medical product specialties & business contracts with major IDNs (hospital networks) in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.

Also during her tenure at 3M, Ms Dickert participated in many educational and training assignments as noted:
- Harvard, MIT, Tufts Consortium- Handling the Difficult Business Conversation
- Six Sigma Training
- Karrass Effective Negotiation
- American Marketing Association: Sales & Management Workshops for College Seniors - IDEMA Speaker addressing Lube Thickness & EH&S issues
- ISHM Symposium Speaker for 3M products utilized in the Semiconductor Industry - Mentor to 3M new hires in US and Europe
- Women in Business

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